Saturday, October 1, 2011

Last long run...!

Just had my last long run before my marathon. I can't believe it. I'm only going to be running 7 more miles before heading for the starting line. Crazy.

Felicitously, today's run was really great. It was only 40 out, so there was no risk of overheating, and I think this was the biggest reason I was able to run 8.4 miles straight without any walking. It barely even crossed my mind that I ought to take walking breaks. Moreover, I did this at a nice speed, with an 8:36 pace. That's more or less the marathon pace I'm aiming for (but I'll do some walking—at aid stations—during the marathon).

Milwaukee's Lakefront Marathon is tomorrow... I plan on doing some recon near the finish line to see what it feels like. Exciting!

Pace: 8:36

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