Saturday, August 13, 2011

17 Miles

Things went pretty well today. Woke up promptly at 6:10 after only a single snooze, pounded a Red Bull and suited up for my run. Was pretty standard fare: perfect weather, nice and overcast for the most part with a few peeks of sunshine, a steady, refreshing breeze. I was listening to a great linguistics lecture on Arabic diglossia and the media mixed in with a few songs. I discovered "Down on Me" is the perfect song for running (turnover of 90 just by running to the beat).

But then around Mile 10 my iPod died. Not the battery—the iPod. Stupid thing. So I decided to put the next 7 miles to work thinking about my new novel... I made some good plot advances that you may read about someday. I'll just tell you it has something to do with Poland, Spain, painting and Muslims.

The last mile was pretty tough... my thighs were getting really tired and my mind was having trouble focusing on anything except for how much I wanted to stop running, and then the Lafayette Hill almost killed me. I feel great now, though, except for my burning thighs. I guess that's to be expected though.

Oh, I was a little disappointed in my time, but I shouldn't be disappointed because I really don't think I could have done it much faster. I was hoping for 2:30, which would have been an 8:49 pace, but I ended up with 2:47:55, which is a 9:53 pace.

Pace: 9:53

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