Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pretty slow 8 miles

Today when I got outside, it felt like someone had strapped bricks to my feet. It was weird. Not sure if it's because I hadn't run in my Asics in a while (wait, that's not true; I just did on Saturday), or if it's because I hadn't run in the early evening summer heat in a while (more likely).

The run was pretty tough... Maybe it's because I took the Oak Leaf Trail, which is somehow much less interesting when you're running it than when you're biking it. Even with a really interesting podcast.

Oh, and I got a bloody nose a few miles in, requiring that I use my shirt to mop up all the blood that'd otherwise mix with my sweat and make me look much more massacred than I really was. I didn't need that kind of attention, I decided. I guess I was due for one of my signature random bloody noses; I hadn't gotten one in a long time and they usually come every two or three months.

Anyhow, it went well enough. 1:20.

Pace: 10:00

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