Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bike ride instead of run

Today I was slated to run 5 miles. At the last minute, though, I decided to go for an extensive bike ride instead, simply because I hadn't gone for a bike ride in a really long time, and it'd serve just as well in helping to build my cardio base. That and it's less intense on my bones... which probably could use a little bit of recovery.

Not sure how long I rode for (didn't bring my watch) or how far I went (I think around 15 miles). I did wear my helmet, though. And I discovered that my headphones and old 3G iPod Shuffle were, in fact, working again. This is good because my new iPod is just about as useless as ___________.

Anyhow, I'm getting really pumped for my marathon. I started reading Hal Higdon's Marathon again... reading it with a few months of training under my belt is a totally different experience than reading it right at the outset. I'll probably read it again right before my marathon in October and get something totally new out of it.

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