Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Broke My 5K Record Again

Today's three-miler took me across the 16th Street Bridge to National and back. It was hot so I brought along a bottle of Gatorade, but I only ended up taking a few sips of it. Running in more or less a straight line made the journey go by faster, I think.

My time was 20:53, almost minute faster than the last time I broke my record (last week). After the run I did a 10-minute series bodyweight circuits—one minute each of prisoner squats, modified pushups and crunches.

I feel great. Decided to reward myself by cracking open a bottle of the greatest beer ever invented, New Glarus Dancing Man Wheat. Haven't had one of these in... a few days.

I also noticed something hilarious on my toe: I now have a compound blister. Well, not really a blister; it's entirely deflated. But it seemed to have been, at one point, a blister. Or rather a pair of blisters. I won't gross you out with a photo, but imagine a giant blister inside of which you can see another, smaller blister. It's neat.

Five miles tomorrow. Will I finally wake up early and run before work?

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