Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Foggy! 5 miles 39 minutes

It rained on the way to work today. I biked, of course. I had been hoping that the new detachable back-wheel fender thingy I had ordered on Amazon (kudos to Steve Kaufman for showing me that such things exist) would have come before the next rain, but what's another day of wetness?

I checked the weather when I got to work (I guess most people do it before they get there), and was dismayed to see the blue dots extend into the evening. I decided I'd run outside regardless; there's no way I'd run more than a mile on the treadmill anymore.

Fast forward eight hectic hours and it's not raining. Awesome. On my way home from work, I see a bunch of runners—always in pairs—some in shorter shorts than others. I didn't realize how many people run together. I wonder if it would be a good motivator or an annoyance. Knowing me, probably the latter. But still.

Anyway, went for a five-miler in the awesome fog, and the clouds held the rain until I was around 4.75 miles in, so it was perfect. My first mile was incredibly fast—just under 6 minutes—but it was just kind of average after that. I finished in just over 39 minutes. Pretty good considering I got caught at the stoplight at Water & Wisconsin both on the way to the lake and on the way back and had to pick my nose for a minute both times. Three or for other, less annoying stoplights were mixed in there, too. I wonder what my real time would have been.

Felt great after. No notable new blisters, no sore ankles, no nothing. Oh, I started doing some extra morning and evening yoga poses to stretch my ankles and arches. That's probably helping. Satnam, satnam, satnam.

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