Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First Day of Summerfest

And the streets are busy. Today was my first 6-mile Wednesday, pretty nice, but my route was disrupted because Lakeshore Park was half blocked-off because they're setting up for the fireworks tonight. Nbd though. There were also a bazillion people out walking around which made navigating the sidewalks a little more troublesome, but I think it helped me run better. Guess I was trying to impress people.

6 miles in 52 minutes. Nice and casual, and even a little faster than on Saturday. It was tough sometimes because of the heat (good thing I brought a water bottle with me, otherwise I wouldn't have even made it that fast), but other times I was cruising.

Speaking of water bottles, I bought the Sigg sport top for my extra Sigg bottle. I thought it would be awesome because Sigg bottles are generally awesome, but it pretty much sucks. Unless I'm just too dumb to figure out how to work it properly... but a water bottle should really not be that hard to operate.

Tomorrow's a simple three miles (and Kanye West!) and then 11 miles on Saturday... a bientot!

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