Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back in Milwaukee

New York was great. Walking around kind of sucked... I should have realized it was a bad idea to run 12 miles (my longest ever) in some 9-month-old Free Runs. So you can imagine how painful walking around all day Saturday and Sunday was. But I'm alive, and my ankle is back to normal.

Oh, what'd I do in New York... Won/didn't win tickets to The Book of Mormon. Ate an awesome bagel. Ate some awesome pizza. Ate some mediocre pierogi (further evidence that I could be extremely successful opening my own pierogarnia). Went to MoMA (awesome). Met up with Jac. Went to the Nike Sportswear store at 21 Mercer. Oh, and spent some quality time with Abby, who I hadn't seen in like two years.

So all that walking (who knows how many miles) counted as my cross-training. It was serious business.

Today was a simple three-miler. No problem. It's funny looking back to the days when I couldn't make it past a single mile. And then when three miles was the farthest I could hope to run. And now... !

Pace: 7:06

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